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pepa -


sam -

such a fine pepa/puritito tomate montage! almost like being there...
and what a generous treat:
a bicycle ride behind a horse carriage, the sea, a cautious walk on wobbly rocks, street corners at all times of the day, a lovely book shelf with a madonna with background mumbles, bananas and tv, a seemingly out of time dress shop(poetic and surreal), street vendors, window brasieres, the struggle with an ice? coffe with cream, and of course a dog and a cute cat :-)

what at first seems disparate, becomes a kalaidoscopic view, a personal gaze on the quotidian; without a traditional story, but with such a fine multitude of parallel tracks, that a diffferent poetic emerges: a day-dreamed fabrication, so well anchered in reality. george perec would have loved it.
thus: this is genuine vlogging, in all its simplified purity.
thank you pepa for sharing your chile.