puritito tomate tv

autorretrato / puesta de sol

como 40 y pico segundos

para versión flash y otras opciones, entra aquí .

años 20 y años 50.
con el techo de cielo.


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supra footwear -

Life find its wealth by the claims of the world, and its worth by the claims of love.

pepa -

thanks for your words, dear sam.

hey, i lived next to the plaace where viktor's woonboot was.

i enjoyed the links.

sam -

very lovely portrait indeed... the sea is calm, the sand is still warm and the sky is tilting.
yep, could be the twenties or the fifties, but as good old Victor IV used to say: "The time is always now" and remember Baz Luhrmann's wisdom: "wear sunscreen..." >

you might like the work of Victor IV whom i knew >

(beautiful eyes btw ;-)